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Welcome to National Resource and Training Services online training.  N.R.T.S. is proud to now offer many of it's famous training packages to you online.  Our goal is to provide you a user-friendly site that will take you through the course you select and administer your exam in an easy to use format.

Our Private Investigation Courses are available to both the general public and licensed Investigators.  Simply click the Course menu tab on the left and you will be taken to our selection of available courses.  There you can choose from the list of training modules, make your payment online and begin your class.  At the end of each course, you will be asked to take an exam, which will be graded and the results given to you immediately.  You will also be able to review the test and take again if neccessary.

In addition to our Private Investigation Classes, we now offer our "Certified Professional Trainer" course.  This exciting information-packed course is designed to empower you, the speaker/trainer.  Graduates of this course can earn more money, and get more bookings.  Click on the C.P.T. tab and get started today!

Please bookmark this site and check back often, as we will be adding new and exciting online classes as they become available.

Also please visit www.johncookpi.com for all your training needs.

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