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Class Registration

DATE:    Saturday,  September 8, 2018

TIME: 8 a.m. - 3p.m.     Registration begins at 7:30 a.m.

LOCATION:       La Quinta Inn & Suites,  2345  Atrium Way,   Nashville, TN   37214                                

I look forward to seeing you there !


Working With Attorneys
Instructor:  John Cook

A two-hour course discussing all issues in working with attorneys.  Includes do's and don'ts when being hired directly by individuals, how are reports and sensitive information handled? When is it appropriate to hand over documents to a client ?  Client attorney privilege and how this relates to the investigator.  The use of retainers.  Ethical issues that can arise. Situations where an investigator may need to turn down a case.

Re-Inventing Your Business
Instructor:   John Cook

A two-hour course discussing how the Investigative business has changed over the last 10 years due to technology.  Ways to re-direct your business to become more competitive in an online age.  How to compete with the online market.  Revamping old services.  How to keep up with the changing technology.  What services should you discontinue and what services can you build on.

The Information Age
Instructor:  John Cook

A two hour course on the use of data retrieval and it's importance in the field of investigation.  Knowing the difference between accurate and historical data.  The pitfalls of free online data outlets.  Pay data bases that are worth the money.  How to disseminate and present data.

Cost $140.00 PrePay     $150.00 at the door

You will receive 6 hours of live class traing plus 6 hours of free online training that you can take at your leisure, for a total of 12 hours State Certified In-Service Training.

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You can choose any 6 classes for free !

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